| By Jason Wass

I hate losing!! I hate losing at anything, tennis, checkers, anything. I hate when my students lose, I hate when my favorite sports teams lose, I even hate when I don't win the lottery. Unfortunately, losing is a part of sports and we can let it help us or let it cripple us. 

We are constantly stuck between wanting to win and wanting to play against strong competition, something has to give.  Next time you play, concentrate on playing your best tennis rather than winning or losing.     

The truth is that we have to lose and then learn from those losses, we also have to learn how to win, so we can do that more often.  Whatever you do, when you play, learn, this makes every time you step out on the court a positive experience... a winning experience. 

Jason Wass

Jason Wass is the Director of LuHi Summer Programs, he spent over 20 years as a Director of Tennis for Sportime Clubs.  A USPTA and USTA Net Generation Certified Coach, Jason has  a passion for youth sports development.  Jason believes in developing strong foundational skills in all young athletes.  He strives to provide positive athletic and camp opportunities to families to encourage healthy habits and lifestyles.  Coach Jason lives in Massapequa with his wife, Julie, son, Daniel and dog, Shelby.  He may be reached at jwasstennis@gmail.com.