| By Michelle Lehat

Former world number one John McEnroe made his widely anticipated appearance on Dec. 18 at Sportime Roslyn, and as one of the junior players in the program, I was very eager to meet him. McEnroe cordially introduced himself and individually shook hands with me and the group. McEnroe started the practice by discussing focused volley tactics with the group, as he asked questions and provided a demonstration which was very interesting.

The former player then approached every court and offered individual insight, while we focused on volley drills and point play

The experience was topped off with a group picture. As both an intern for Long Island Tennis Magazine and junior tennis player, I was lucky enough to experience a productive and personal encounter with one of the world's best tennis players. McEnroe's appearance was encouraging, helpful, and a great way to finish off 2013.

Michele Lehat

<p>Michele Lehat is an intern with Long Island Tennis Magazine.</p>