By Steven Kaplan
Players used to be obsessed with their USTA ranking, and I really didn't think I would see the day when this would no longer be true, but it seems to be so. Juniors have found a new focus, and are now preoccupied with their standing on or in tennis speak, "TR." This, by the way...Read more
By OnCourt Advantage
Who do YOU think will record the best singles results in the clay court season – Melanie Oudin, Sam Querrey or John Isner? The American trio has achieved career best rankings on the Pro Tours in 2010 and they are all rising into the upper echelons of the game. All 3 players continue to achieve a...Read more
By Ricky Becker
Today a student of mine was bragging about how hard he works off the court. He told me that he has been running a few miles a day. Problem is..and he has heard this before, running long-distance is no good for tennis unless you are trying to lose weight or master the 7-minute mile stride that is...Read more
By Ricky Becker
As a counselor of college-bound tennis players, as well as people who are looking to get an objective opinion on how to get their child into tennis, I often get asked, "How much tennis should my child play?" or even better is the question, "How many lessons/drills a week does my child need to take...Read more
By Ricky Becker
As the proud father of my third daughter last week, I have been thinking a lot about parenthood. As a tennis coach and college tennis advisor for junior tennis players, I always think about tennis. If my kids play tennis, am I going to become a tennis parent? Am I going to be so nervous that I can'...Read more
By Ricky Becker
I really don't want to sound old-fashioned, but I have noticed a trend in junior tennis lobbys (or is it "lobbies") lately. Everyone has an excuse when they lose. There are so many of them but I will discuss (and I guess vent) about a few of them. First of all, I can not stand when people take...Read more
By Ricky Becker
Quite a game yesterday, no? Personally, I don't care for Duke. Im not sure why..I just don't. What captured me though was the way Coach Krzyzewski and Coach Brad Stevens carried themselves. You know they understood the weight of the moment in the history of college basketball. You'd never know it...Read more
By Jason Wass
Every year tennis directors prepare their curriculum for summer, nervous about finding the right balance in the schedule: How much match play is enough? Are there too many drills? Not enough drills? How much off-court training should be done? All these questions are important, and parents should...Read more
By Lonnie Mitchel
What does Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” have to do with tennis? Well, for starters, when the competitors walk on Centre Court Wimbledon before their match, an excerpt from this poem is printed on a placard posted on the exit above the locker room door which states “If you can meet with Triumph and...Read more
By Steven Kaplan claims that "of the 103 men who have reached the top 10 since rankings were kept, 91 of them grew up on clay." That's 88% and that's astounding if it's true. How did they come up with that number?Read more
By Eric Meditz
Last night, I was sitting on my futon, watching what my DVR recorded during the day. There was this show on the Discovery Channel about a guy who gets dropped off in the middle of the Amazon and has to survive and eventually, find a way out. This is my favorite show on television right now. Maybe...Read more
By Eric Dietsche
As the college offseason comes to a close and the professionals finish up their first major of the year, we all start heading back to the courts en masse. However, playing in college and trying to get your game to its optimal level is not your only challenge this time of year, especially when you...Read more