| By Steve Annacone

Start the point towards the middle of the court in both doubles and singles.

The net is the lowest at this point and your shot will still be in if you hit it a little early or late. Also, if you keep it deep, the shot down the middle takes away the angles for your opponent's next shot.

As the point gets longer, try to use the outside of the court to win the point-aim for the singles sideline in doubles and about three feet inside the singles sideline in singles. Using the middle will help reduce the number of your unforced errors at the beginning of the point and force your opponent to create something with their own shot.

Aiming balls towards the center strap in the middle of the net is a great thought. This will give you a lot of shots hit with less chance of making an error in the net. Your shots hit from the outside of the court will allow you to create angles and get your opponent on the run.

Go towards the middle in singles and doubles whenever you are unsure of the direction you should hit your shot. Force your opponent to hit the riskier shots.

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