| By Steve Annacone

Challenge yourself to go after every ball.

Many times during a point, it is natural to watch your opponent's shot and try to figure out whether you can get to it or not. By the time you have decided, it is too late.

Instead, focus on turning your shoulders and taking your first step to the ball. This will give you a good chance of at least taking a normal swing and getting your racquet on the ball. If you see you are not going to be able to get to the ball, you can always stop after two or three steps and save energy (don’t stop unless you have no chance to get there!).

Remind yourself to go after every ball-you will surprise yourself (and your opponent) with the number of balls you get to and return!

Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Pro, is the Director of Annacone Tennis (http://www.annaconetennis.com). For details on lessons and camps at Sag Harbor Park Tennis and throughout the Hamptons this summer contact sannacone@annaconetennis.com or management@annaconetennis.com




Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Pro, is the Director of Annacone Tennis, www.annaconetennis.com and MyHamptonsPro, www.myhamptonspro.com throughout the Hamptons, NY.  In addition, Steve and Miguel Coelho have introduced the JET (Junior Elite Tennis) program at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (Tucson, AZ) for high level players ages 8-18. Please contact Steve at info@annaconetennis.com