| By Ricky Becker

In case you don't know, the term "treeing" means playing over ones head.  It essence it means he/she is getting lucky.  To me this is the ultimate sign of disrespect towards a player and seriously puts the accuser in a negative light. And I hate when people say this aloud. People aren't idiots.  When you say that someone you are normally better than is "treeing" you are really saying "You are getting lucky and I am better than you."  I say you are not as good as you think.  When you accuse someone better than you of treeing I accuse you of being a joke.  Everyone has a top of their game and just because someone reaches it doesnt mean they are getting lucky.


As for David Ferrer hitting the ball in the direction of a crying baby, I say it's much ado about nothing.  And I have a baby!  Check it out on youtube or something.  Ferrer LOBBED the ball in the DIRECTION of the baby.  Even if he had the bad misfortune of hitting the ball directly at the baby, there would be a bunch of adults within reach to swat the ball away without a problem.  The way it has been portrayed, Ferrer eyed the baby and then slammed a ball at him from a few feet away.  The father should have taken the baby outside once the baby started crying.  Ferrer was playing poorly at the time and whether it was an excuse or not, the crying was obviously bothering him.  He has the right to let the people know that the baby should be removed.  Whats worse?  To subtlely hit a ball in the direction of the crying child or point at a father in front of thousands of people to get his child out of there!

Ricky Becker is The Director of Tennis at Glen Oaks Club.  Ricky also coaches high-performance juniors throughout the year and has been the Director of Tennis at three of Long Island’s biggest junior programs.  As a player, Becker was the Most Valuable Player for the 1996 NCAA Championship Stanford Tennis team and ranked in the top-five nationally as a junior.  He can be reached at rbecker06@yahoo.com, 516-359-4843 or via juniortennisconsulting.com.