By Steve Annacone
Coaches often communicate to their players to “keep the ball deep” when advising them how to get their opponent on the defensive. It might not seem that keeping your shots deep can be the key to winning a tennis match. However, if you hit your shots consistently deep, your opponent will likely be...Read more
Sebastian Korda (right) with his father and 1998 Australian Open champion Petr (left) during a practice session at the 2021 U.S. Open. (Photo Credit: Pete Staples/USTA)
By Robbie Werdiger
Tennis fans in the United States have waited two decades and counting for the next male American player to hoist a Slam trophy. Young stars representing the red, white, and blue like Frances Tiafoe, Taylor Fritz, and Tommy Paul have struggled to consistently string together good results. Reilly...Read more
By Robbie Werdiger
Novak Djokovic battled back from two sets down against Stefanos Tsitsipas on Sunday in what was a dramatic finish to a French Open that will not be forgotten. The world number one dug himself into a hole early on in the match which was partly due to discomfort from a tumble on the red clay in the...Read more
An outside shot at Nassau Coliseum which housed the New York Open for three years.
By Steven Kaplan
The thoughts expressed in this blog are that of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Long Island Tennis Magazine A storied, well-established ATP tournament came to Long Island and it seemed to have it all: a major venue (the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum), world-class players,...Read more
Amanda Lerner (pictured right) with Roslyn teammate Emily Wivietsky (pictured left) at a high school charity event last year.
By Amanda Lerner
Amanda Lerner (pictured right) with Roslyn teammate Emily Wivietsky (pictured left) at a high school tennis charity event I think I speak on behalf of all high school tennis players when I say that going into this school year, tennis season seemed like the light at the end of the pandemic-created...Read more
Photo courtesy of iStock
By Darrel Bielawski
On May 2, 2020, with hard work and preparation, confidence but uncertainty, the tennis courts were opened at North Hills Country Club. The tennis area resembled a barren wasteland more than that of a private club on Long Island, NY. There were no tables and chairs on the patio, no benches and water...Read more
Brandon Nakashima competes during the 2020 World TeamTennis season. (Photo Credit: Ryan Loco/World TeamTennis)
By Stanly Shukhman
Earlier this month, the USTA announced the wild cards for the 2020 U.S. Open , headlined by three-time grand slam champion Andy Murray. However, the players that tennis fans should really be looking out for are the young American wildcards that have been given an opportunity to showcase their true...Read more
Photo courtesy of USTA/Mike Stobe
By Jeremy Friedman
The outlook held fear that the US Open would close this year before its first day Flushing's jewel flushed away But even as the City’s marathon vanished, news reports say New York tennis still will be played in late summer 2020, just with new restrictions – and the stands empty ’19 saw 19-year-old...Read more
Illustration provided by Salomon Levy
By Salomon Levy
This week’s analogy is about one of the most important shots in the game but sometimes the one we train the less: The return of serve. We are talking here about a skill that looks like a forehand or a backhand but with some variations to adjust to the situation. We know that our opponent has total...Read more
Photo courtesy of Getty Images
By Salomon Levy
Illustrations provided by Salomon Levy Cake_1.jpg Cake_2.jpgRead more
Photo courtesy of USTA/Darren Carroll
By Steven Kaplan
Sports don't build character, they reveal it. And a lot was revealed about the character of the President of the ATP Tour Player’s Council, Novak Djokovic, as well as local tennis hero Noah Rubin, this week. While over 300 players joined an ATP zoom call to discuss this year's US Open, Djokovic was...Read more
By Steven Kaplan
Famed statesman, epidemiologist and philanthropist Nick Kyrgios has said the USTA is being selfish by planning to play the US Open this year. Oh, wait. I might have overstated Kyrgios' qualifications. Let me start over. Highly ranked, and often sighted for misconduct, Nick Kygrios said, "I’ll get...Read more