| By Steven Kaplan
Walk around the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center during this year’s U.S. Open and you will see players from every part of the globe. Even multi-generations are represented in the junior and senior events. While the assortment of differing playing styles is vast, the...Read more
  | By Brent Shearer
Winning Tennis Strokes is a short guidebook to tennis techniques and a splendid general introduction to tennis strokes. With this book, Bill Longua, a veteran tennis instructor and USPTA pro, has produced a concise guide to learning the fundamentals of the game. As Longua explains in his foreword,...Read more
  | By Bill Longua
It’s the best time of year … time for the 2012 U.S. Open. This is a time where you can personally appreciate the amazing talents you are witnessing on the courts, but more importantly, a great time to improve your own game by observing the players, not just watching them. When watching great...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Eastern Athletic Club at Blue Point hosted a two-day workshop for coaches and players led by Donato Campagnoli, an ATP tennis professional coach from Italy. Coach Campagnoli is an FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) fourth level coach, PTR Professional and ITF member. He has coached international ATP...Read more
  | By Jessica Stiles
From Aug. 6-10, Rob Polishook, mental training coach, founder of Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group, and New York Tennis Magazine contributor, led a five-day workshop at the renowned Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Omega is a trusted source for wellness and personal growth, welcoming more...Read more
  | By Miguel Cervantes III
In many games, athletic and otherwise, patterns tend to surface. Recognizing these patterns can be used to your benefit. By recognizing patterns that arise, you will be able to respond more quickly. Not only will you be able to respond more quickly, but you will also be able to implement these...Read more
  | By Daniel Kresh
In my opinion, many club players do not fully appreciate the potential benefits of varying grips to help produce and deal with a robust arsenal of shots. The modern game of tennis has racket technology and court surfaces that allow for increasingly higher bounces and the player to impart more spin...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Eastern Athletic Club at Blue Point, N.Y. will host a two-day tennis coaches and players workshop in August led by Donato Campagnoli, an ATP tennis professional coach from Italy. Campagnoli will be providing programming for both coaches and clinics for junior players. The program is as follows: ►...Read more
  | By Lonnie Mitchel
I am writing this article while sitting in front of the TV watching Rafael Nadal carve up David Ferrer in the semifinals of the 2012 French Open. I cannot even imagine what it is like to play at such a high level. The talent these top players have is off the charts compared to the average player...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Murphy’s Law applies to all things in life, especially in sports. The perverse, the unexpected and the unusual are always just around the corner in any tennis tournament. A bad call, a double fault or a nasty remark between points are just part of the unexpected and unscripted that may not kill you...Read more