| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Each issue, Long Island Tennis Magazine has the unique opportunity to pose questions from our readers to tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri. Nick has coached 10 world number ones, including Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Martina Hingis, Jelena Jankovic, Marcelo Rios, Monica Seles,...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
In order to get into the right mindset for a tennis match, you must ask yourself or your student/son/daughter the following questions: 1. Are you prepared? How was your practice week? Answering this question can help manage expectations. If you didn’t have a lot of time to practice, it might be a...Read more
  | By Luke Jensen
As the tennis year rolls on, I would like to bring up a point on the 40th anniversary of the most important and impactful tennis match in history. The year was 1973, and Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in what was called "The Battle of the Sexes." It was a very important step in the growth of...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The Long Island tennis community has some of the sport’s best facilities, both indoor and outdoor, and best coaches in the world. With this wealth of talent available right in our own backyard, Long Island Tennis Magazine recently took the opportunity to pick the brains of some of these top coaches...Read more
  | By Bill Longua
It remains an ongoing debate about which shots are the most important when playing doubles: The serve, volley or the return. I won’t try to solve that debate here, but I will tell you that all three are imperative to a solid doubles game, with the return of serve maybe the most strategic. In...Read more
  | By Daniel Kresh
Almost every club player I have ever seen either does not fully appreciate the importance of their non-dominant arm, or at the very least, will intermittently forget how important using it can be for every shot in tennis … that’s right, every shot! Some uses of your non-dominant or “off” arm are...Read more
  | By Lisa Dodson
In the last issue, we started discussing the major differences between the serve and the overhead. Hopefully you have started cleaning up your overhead technique by improving your movement, balance and preparation for this important shot. If you have, you may now be looking forward to hitting your...Read more
  | By Lonnie Mitchel
The players, spectators and fans are about to embark on a two-week journey known as the U.S. Open Championships at Flushing Meadows, N.Y., the final Grand Slam event of the year. If you are an American tennis fan, you are likely going to watch a lot of tennis on television or perhaps you will...Read more
  | By Tina Greenbaum
As soon as we begin to play for points, we immediately move from the realm of practice into the realm of competition. And that simple addition of risking winning or losing a point, set, or match requires a totally new skill: Performing under pressure. Believe it or not, our ability to perform under...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Many tennis coaches believe that mental skills training are important, however, not many teach mental skills! Tennis to the Max is addressing this issue. In their unique program, they combine the expertise of a Sport Psychology Consultant (Tina Greenbaum, LCSW) with a USPTA Certified Tennis Coach (...Read more