| By Lonnie Mitchel
The players, spectators and fans are about to embark on a two-week journey known as the U.S. Open Championships at Flushing Meadows, N.Y., the final Grand Slam event of the year. If you are an American tennis fan, you are likely going to watch a lot of tennis on television or perhaps you will...Read more
  | By Tina Greenbaum
As soon as we begin to play for points, we immediately move from the realm of practice into the realm of competition. And that simple addition of risking winning or losing a point, set, or match requires a totally new skill: Performing under pressure. Believe it or not, our ability to perform under...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Many tennis coaches believe that mental skills training are important, however, not many teach mental skills! Tennis to the Max is addressing this issue. In their unique program, they combine the expertise of a Sport Psychology Consultant (Tina Greenbaum, LCSW) with a USPTA Certified Tennis Coach (...Read more
  | By Rob Polishook
How many times have you seen an athlete get tight, underperform or choke in a big event? In practice, they play great—not a care in the world, going for broke on every shot, and effortlessly succeed while doing so. Yet once the competition starts, their best shots become their worst. Perhaps their...Read more
  | By Margie Zesinger
In addition to pure talent, the greatest champions of the game acquire relentless self-belief and determination through preparation. Every player has experienced a certain amount of doubt when down in the score or struggling through a match. Look at Andy Murray during the 2012 Olympics and 2013...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
This article is not to be read by right-handed players, our opponents! After my last article in the July/August 2013 issue revealing my “lefty insecurities,” I am hereby reaching out to my lefty compadres to deliver some lefty power tips. Lefties have an advantage in the game of tennis. Actually...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Long Island Tennis Magazine has the unique opportunity to pose questions from our readers to tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri. Nick has coached 10 world number ones, including Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Martina Hingis, Jelena Jankovic, Marcelo Rios, Monica Seles, Maria...Read more
  | By Luke Jensen
I am asked all the time from competitive tennis players … is the game more mental or physical? In my life-long adventure through the world of competitive tennis, I have found that the mentally tough players win more than the physically gifted. When I was a young player in the juniors, most of my...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
Grips matter because they are the most intimate connection between you and the racket. A poor grip, not within an acceptable parameter, will limit performance. Grip improvement is often a difficult, disruptive and time intensive task, and I've seen plenty of attempted grip adjustments in my 40,000-...Read more
  | By Miguel Cervantes III
Disclaimer: This article is written of my own volition and experience. At no point has the USTA, Carefree Racquet Club, nor any individual helped, endorsed, or in any way, influenced my articles. As always, my contact information is at the end of the article and any readers whom are so motivated...Read more