| By Dr. Tom Ferraro
It’s summertime and the living is easy (at least I hope so). Summer is the time to relax and get away from the grind of work, work and work. There is no better way to back off from life then to find some great books to get into. Tennis has always been a game that has attracted our greatest novelist...Read more
  | By Lisa Dodson
Do you love your serve? I certainly hope so because it is the most important shot in the game of tennis. It would make sense that anyone who loves the serve should love the overhead as well, but that’s not necessarily true. One thing that is certain … if you don’t love your serve, you will...Read more
  | By Miguel Cervantes III
There are several rules in competitive tennis, some are on-court rules and some are off-court rules, but the rules are in place to protect the integrity of competition. What happens though when the rules are used to gain an advantage over your opponent? This behavior is not unfair, but it can be...Read more
  | By Rob Polishook
Imagine the scenario: You are watching your child play, and it feels like you’re the one playing. Your palms are sweaty and your feet are tapping with the immediacy of how Rafael Nadal awaits the coin toss. You look across the way and see your opponent’s parents pacing up and down, burning a hole...Read more
  | By Lee Hurst
In the last issue of Long Island Tennis Magazine , Coach Tim Mayotte of 360 Tennis spoke about the importance of the split-step and its three components in his article, “Wow … What a Great Split-Step.” They were: 1. Width of base and posture 2. Timing of the split 3. The height of the split At 360...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
I was privileged to speak at the First Annual New York Tennis Expo in April, along with an esteemed panel of tennis experts. This was not only the biggest grassroots tennis event ever in the metropolitan area, with attendance numbers that reached nearly 3,000, but it was also a gathering of the...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Many years ago, I wrote a piece on the three characteristics of great coaches. I had just done research on John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, Woody Hayes and Doc Counsilman of Indiana University. What I said was that great coaches shared three traits: ►They all knew the game well and could teach it; ►...Read more
  | By Luke Jensen
The game of tennis played by the pros of today is explosive and exciting to watch. Back when I played on the ATP Tour in the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, not many players could, what I call, "Turn a Point.” What I mean is to take a defensive situation like being put on the run or pulled off...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
While going through some personal issues, I was advised to make a gratitude list. It was suggested that making this list is good therapeutic advice for anyone struggling with the challenges of life or for anyone feeling sorry for themselves. Certainly, it is easy to envision people that are much...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Long Island Tennis Magazine has the unique opportunity to pose questions from our readers to tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri. Nick has coached 10 world number ones, including Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Martina Hingis, Jelena Jankovic, Marcelo Rios, Monica Seles, Maria...Read more