| By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Confidence is something that every tennis player needs. It will allow you to relax as you play, handle pressure better and make the losses less painful. But exactly how does one get confidence? That is not so simple. If it were easy, everyone on the court would feel like Roger Federer. Confidence...Read more
  | By Daniel Kresh
Tennis is not just a physical sport; it is incredibly tactical as well. Having a variety of shots in your repertoire is vitally important, but without understanding when it is appropriate to employ each shot in your arsenal, a smarter player could beat you even if your technique is far superior to...Read more
  | By Ricky Becker
Most high school-aged kids who are thinking about playing college tennis have heard about the hyped college video. Who needs it? What should be on it? When should they be sent? These are always amongst the first questions people ask me when I meet with them. Hopefully, this article can clarify some...Read more
  | By Miguel Cervantes III
The Cross-Court Lob is probably the most underestimated weapon in USTA doubles today. I'd argue that it's the best utility shot a doubles team can have, and yet, most doubles matches will go by with hardly one or two cross-court lobs hit at all. Here are a few reasons why the Cross-Court Lob needs...Read more
  | By Lonnie Mitchel
It’s a warm fall September day in 1975, and I am in my senior year of high school. The football players are getting ready for practice in the locker room. They have blood stains all over their shirts and pants and “machismo” oozing out of their lockers and onto the field. In the back of the locker...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Tennis is a frustrating game. You get a bad call, you double fault or miss an easy net ball and you’re ready to blow. But wait just a moment before you break that racket. One mistake will never destroy you, but the way you react to it can. The days of yelling, screaming and pouting like John...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The Long Island tennis community is blessed to have some of the best indoor facilities and best coaches in the world right here in our backyard. Recently, Long Island Tennis Magazine spoke with some of these top coaches to get insight into their coaching/training strategies, what they look for in a...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
On Sept. 2, 2010, The City Parks Foundation hosted a clinic in Central Park for 40 of the best eight-12-year-old girls, in the east. Steffi Graf and Billie Jean King were the stars in attendance and they were wonderful, helping the players for over three hours. I had the opportunity to address the...Read more
  | By Daniel Kresh
Most recreational tennis players could be grouped into two categories when it comes to dealing with the wind. I like to call them either windmills or straw houses. A windmill is someone who uses the wind to enhance their tennis game and a straw house is someone who gets blown over by a breeze. A...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The USTA has announced that Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Hainline has been elected as a Board Member of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic-related sports in the United States. Dr. Hainline will serve as one of two National Governing Body (NGB)...Read more