| By Brian Coleman
There is no shortage of high-quality tennis coaches on Long Island, and the area has helped grow some of the best players in the country. But few of those coaches carry the type of background and experience brought to the table by Andrea Retolaza. “Andrea has the combination of a professional...Read more
  | By Jimmy Delevante
Becoming a better tennis player requires lots of practice. There are no real short cuts to improving your game other than to spend quality time working on your skills. Other than taking lessons and playing matches, practicing with a family member is another great way to improve your game. Growing...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
The way we talk to ourselves greatly influences the way we feel about ourselves. Negative self-talk on the tennis court can be a big drain on your energy level. It can also be improved quickly with some awareness. As a tennis coach, I can shine a light on some of these issues and have a major...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
It’s a truism that the best way to play well in competition, you need to relax, have fun and play freely. The moment a player starts to worry about outcomes or overthink the serve, is when tightness sets in and you begin to play weakly. To win on the court, one must have a free risk-taking,...Read more
  | By Steve Annacone
I have been increasingly perplexed and frustrated by the current day professional tennis players who refuse to work their way in to the net. As most people know, I have coached players and played my own game with the idea that it is an advantage to be the volleyer and a disadvantage to be the...Read more
  | By Rob Polishook
We have all seen “It,” either as a player, coach or fan. The “It” I am referring to is a player in the throes of a slump. Maybe “It” is a tournament winless streak like Novak Djokovic is currently experiencing due to what he calls “personal issues.” Or maybe “It” is missing the last six months of...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
A great challenge for many coaches is organizing an effective practice plan that satisfies the needs of the strongest players without discouraging the weakest players. A great workout that promotes teamwork—which is inclusive of all levels accommodating of numerous participants, productive,...Read more
  | By Lisa Dodson
Here is the big question: How can we expect players to do something as complicated as serving when they cannot throw and release a ball directly out of their hand? In this article, I am going to stress the importance of the grip and a throwing release as central principles to a great serve. We’re...Read more
  | By Ricky Becker
I hate saying it about a sport that I care deeply about that is in my blood, but I’ll say it anyway. The tournament setting for a 12 & Under or a 10 & Under child can be cold, freezing, unattractive and downright unappealing. I have long maintained that the lobby of a 10 & Under and 12...Read more
  | By Luke Jensen
I cannot wait for summer tennis! I love all of it … from hard courts to clay courts with all the heat and humidity. The entire country has tennis action for all levels and the courts are packed! There are some really good pro tournament options from coast to coast. The summer season ends at the U.S...Read more