| By Lonnie Mitchel
It happens quickly, from the time that you are enrolled in college and in less than four years and a total of eight semesters, it’s over. You have a diploma in hand and your eligibility to play collegiate sports is complete and recorded. I am a parent of two college graduates, a coach, professional...Read more
  | By Jimmy Delevante
As a coach or a parent, it can be difficult to find the right words to say after your player has finished a match. Whether or not your player won or lost the match, there is a protocol for how to handle the post-match conversation. In either case, the most important guideline to keep in mind is to...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
USTA Eastern will conclude the year at its Annual Conference from January 27-29 at the Renaissance Hotel in White Plains, where it will honor and celebrate the people who have had an impact on our tennis community. Among those who will be honored are several Long Islanders, both juniors and adults...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
With the U.S. Open still fresh on our minds, I wanted to share my observations regarding 2016 U.S. Open Men’s Singles Champion Stan Wawrinka and the growth he has shown under the tutelage of “Tennis Therapist,” Coach Magnus Norman. We have all seen the now-famous pose of Stan pointing to his temple...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Sports psychology has become a wide and diverse field. Not only do we work with an ever-growing variety of sports, we use a variety of approaches. Standard sports psychology uses what we called “suppressive techniques,” which help the athlete to control any unwanted emotion, such as anxiety, anger...Read more
  | By Rob Polishook
What if a tournament player could play relaxed and anxiety-free while taking risks? What if they temporarily lost focus, but could get back on track and stay emotionally balanced? My sense is that they would perform their personal best because they would not be limiting themselves. So, what’s...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
The selection of a coach is one of the most important decisions a young player can make and can be the difference between tournament success or disappointment. While there may be variations in the skill level of coaches, there is no perfect coach or coaching style, as each relationship is unique...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Boca West Country Club, located in in Boca Raton, Fla., is renowned for its first-rate recreational activities. The number one residential country club in the United States is also the proud recipient of the 2013 USTA Outstanding Tennis Facility Award. Adding cachet to the Club’s brand is the...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The Long Island tennis community has some of the sport’s finest facilities, both indoor and outdoor, and best coaches in the world. With this wealth of talent available right in our own backyard, Long Island Tennis Magazine recently took the opportunity to pick the brains of some of these top...Read more
  | By Luke Jensen
Are you one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to visit the U.S. Open this year? The anticipation for this year’s U.S. Open was extremely high, with so much going on. The new roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium was completed, and everyone looked forward to seeing how the court would play with nearly...Read more