| By Lisa Dodson
Advanced play is simply doing the basics well. Every player wants crisp volleys, powerful groundstrokes and a killer serve, but we often leave the basics in the dust when pursuing bigger and better things. Balance is the key to movement transition, directional change, speed, power and efficiency in...Read more
  | By Mike Puc
Team tennis is a huge piece of the success of a tennis program offering a competitive platform for completion and camaraderie. At Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, Fla., there are 25 teams in nine leagues, including Pickleball. While the selection of the roster for the team is best left to...Read more
  | By John Evert
The two-handed backhand is one of the most reliable and powerful shots you can learn. Master it in these six easy-to-follow steps! 1. A great two-handed backhand starts with the perfect set-up. First, the grip. The most commonly used grips are the Continental Grip for your dominant hand and an...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
While I don't follow social media often, even a quick check reveals the vast forum of exaggerated ego and business-directed self-promotion. Some tennis coaches participate in this and other methods of hype and it’s so bad that I sometimes feel like I live in a "Look at Me" world of hyperbole that...Read more
  | By Jonathan Raude
Having goals is an essential part of success, both in tennis and in life. There are many reasons why goals are important, but to put it simply, goals drive us forward. They provide us with focus, direction, motivation, a measure of progress and accountability. When it comes to tennis, players must...Read more
  | By Todd Widom
Congratulations and a job well done to my friend Tony Bresky for bringing a National Title to Wake Forest. It is an incredible achievement for a coach to bring a team of players together to win a National Title. His team consisted of both American and foreign tennis players, but no American was in...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
The experience of junior tennis is self-centric by its very nature, which is similar to the experience of growing up with a period of skill building, and later, a time of ability challenge. Childhood and adolescence is defined by the cultivation of self-investment and personal growth, and while...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
One of a player’s greatest tools is confidence, yet very few know how to develop this state of mind. Most tennis matches are won or lost before the first serve is struck based upon who holds the most confidence. It’s true that practice, excellent ground strokes, a powerful serve, good coaching,...Read more
  | By Zeki Tukel
There are tennis powerhouses in the world, nations that produce more top 100 players than other countries. There are certain regions in some countries that produce better players than other regions of that same nation. There are complex reasons for that, such as weather, socio-economic differences...Read more
  | By Brian Coleman
One of tennis’ most endearing qualities is that it can be played throughout a person’s lifetime. Beyond simply playing recreationally, you can continue to compete in high-level—even prize money—tournaments into your adulthood. Take for example, Dmytro Kovalevych. A coach at Christopher Morley...Read more