| By Clark D. Ruiz II
In this column, I wanted to share the thoughts and words of a current NCAA Division I player whose college tennis experience will surely provide you with food for thought and guidance on the importance of team dynamics. When you make the decision to play collegiate tennis, you might not realize it...Read more
  | By Clark D. Ruiz II
Believe it or not, the path that leads to the selection of a college/university for your child, a choice which has the right balance between academics and tennis, actually begins during your child’s junior career. Simply put, the path your child paves in the juniors, starting with the number of...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Long Island Tennis Magazine had a chance to chat with Jericho, N.Y. native Bryan Koniecko, a senior at Ohio State University. Bryan has been ranked number in the country for most of the year by the NCAA. Did growing up on Long Island influence your tennis for the better or the worse? Long Island is...Read more
  | By Clark D. Ruiz II
The dilemma that faces many tennis families today, after spending nine to 10 years on the junior tennis circuit running from tournament to tournament is, “How do we find the right college for our child?” Ask most young junior tennis players where they want to go to college, and the majority will...Read more
  | By Sunny Fishkind
As the assistant coach of men’s and women’s tennis at Hofstra University, I had the pleasure of starting the team off this year, but was truly happy when our athletic director hired a new head coach, Amanda Foukas. The team has been truly impressed with Coach Foukas, as she has great plans for both...Read more