| By Dr. Charles Ruotolo
What is the labrum? The labrum is a type of cartilage found in the ball and socket joint of the shoulder where it meets the arm bone. The labrum is the cartilage that surrounds the socket making the socket deeper and adding stability to the ball (the head of the humerus) sitting on the socket (the...Read more
  | By Carly Feigan
How many times have you tried to resist the last chocolate chip cookie on the plate and succumbed to your craving? Or, how many times have you tried to resist the scoop of ice cream that has your name on it and ended up with a triple scoop sundae when you are clearly determined to reduce some...Read more
  | By Dr. Eric Price
Arthritis treatments include cortisone and lubricating shots, oral medications, physical therapy, and even surgery (joint replacement). Stem cell therapy is a promising alternative to surgery for people with joint and musculoskeletal pain. Stem cells are the body's repair cells which can...Read more
  | By Irina Belfer-Lehat
The holidays can be overwhelming and extremely caloric, but you don’t have to gain weight! Here are some tips and suggestions on how to celebrate and enjoy family gatherings without gaining a pound. Portion control is always your number one concern! Regardless of what you eat, please measure your...Read more
  | By Irina Belfer-Lehat
High school and college students are forced to become more and more in control of their health and wellness decisions. The behaviors they learn throughout childhood and young adulthood can strongly impact their adult lives. Teens who are overweight or obese are more likely to be overweight and...Read more
  | By Dr. Charles Ruotolo
Tennis Elbow is the scourge of many amateur and high level players. In the past, most athletes suffering this injury were forced to take time away from the court while the pain improved, or in more severe cases, surgery was required to repair the damaged tendon. In recent years, a new treatment has...Read more
  | By Irina Belfer-Lehat
As a registered dietitian, I try to keep abreast of sport/nutrition topics that may benefit my clients. Recently, I came across a study published in the Journal of American Academy Pediatrics by Amanda Weiss Kelly, M.D, which had many important points I would like to discuss in this column. A new...Read more
  | By David Albaranes
As sports are becoming increasingly competitive, coaches and parents are striving to get their athletes to the highest level of competition as possible. The fear of being left behind other competitors or losing out on a college sport scholarship is causing a trend of early sport specialization...Read more
  | By Dr. Charles Ruotolo
Adhesive Capsulitis, or more commonly known as “Frozen Shoulder,” is a condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. The symptoms typically begin gradually and get worse over time and then slowly improve over the course of many months. It usually has a spontaneous onset of...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
KryoMed Long Island is a health and wellness company that combines cryotherapy with personalized fitness, providing athletes of all ages and skill levels with treatments that promote overall physical health, recovery and performance. Cryotherapy is a new and innovative method to athletic recovery...Read more