Open Tennis Court Rates
  | By David Drucker
A big congratulations is in order to Josh Levine of Cold Spring Harbor for what he accomplished this past weekend winning the 2011 New York State Public High School Athletic Association Tournament. Levine, along with the rest of his Nassau County and Suffolk County teammates representing Long...Read more
  | By David Drucker
As the 2011 New York State Public High School Athletic Association Tournament kicked off, Long Island representatives gave a strong showing on day one. Between six singles and six doubles matches, Nassau and Suffolk County combined together had eight wins. In singles play, Nassau’s three...Read more
  | By Ricky Becker
Most high school-aged kids who are thinking about playing college tennis have heard about the hyped college video. Who needs it? What should be on it? When should they be sent? These are always amongst the first questions people ask me when I meet with them. Hopefully, this article can clarify some...Read more
  | By Edward Wolfarth
With the high school tennis season in full swing and having been a recent high school coach for both highly skilled boys and girls, I feel qualified to discuss a few salient points. In 2002, I had the distinct opportunity to coach both a boy's team (Roslyn) and a girl's team (Cold Spring Harbor) to...Read more