| By Kathy Miller
We are now in our third week of the league season with matches well under way. Just a reminder to all captains that scorecards have to be entered into the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Web site within 24 hours of the match and also have to be mailed so the standings section of the site...Read more
  | By Jim Dileo
You have just finished two great sets in a United States Tennis Association (USTA) league match. You won the first set 7-5 and your opponent came back to take second set by an identical score. It doesn't get much closer than that. Great play, excellent shots, fair calls … everything you could ask...Read more
  | By Jim Dileo
You have seen the commercials promoting membership in the United States Tennis Association with the tagline “Join a team and have the opportunity to play for a national title.” As a USTA captain on Long Island, I have come close to going to the nationals a few times with trips to the sectionals in...Read more
  | By Rich Hume
The Tennis Association of Farmingdale (TAF) is an adult tennis league providing its members the opportunity to play outdoor competitive tennis during the months of May through September. TAF is comprised of seven ladders, men’s and women’s singles and doubles, mixed-doubles, and men’s and women’s...Read more