| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff


Har-Tru LLC has introduced an exciting new product that makes it easier than ever to install and use subsurface irrigation. The HyQ Court is a cutting-edge, upgraded system that takes advantage of technology improvements for greater performance and results.

The HyQ Court was built off the proven principle of maintaining a water level with a self-regulating system that is fully adjustable. What makes HyQ different is that the controls have been shifted to the back end of the system. The water that enters each cell is under pressure and it circulates rapidly through the cell and then out to the control center. The result is a system that fills faster and responds to adjustments much more quickly.

The beauty of the control center is that it is completely digital. Users will be able to fine-tune controls with a digital touch pad and make more responsive adjustments within a tenth of an inch, increasing both speed and precision. This is a vast improvement over the water fill valves found in traditional HydroCourts, as they can be inconsistent and manual adjustments are not easy to measure.


The HyQ Court’s intelligent design is highly augmentable and allows owners to optimize the amount of water in their court, which ultimately saves water usage and helps achieve desired playing conditions. In fact, users can even monitor the gallons of water used daily with preinstalled water meters on each cell.

With HyQ, it’s easy to see and understand the entire sub-surface irrigation process at a glance, creating a better overall court experience for clubs and court owners. HyQ is not something that can be retrofitted, so it may be time to consider transitioning your courts, HydroCourts or other, to HyQ.

For more information, visit HarTru.com, call (877) 442-7878 or e-mail HarTru@HarTru.com.