| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff


The SPORTIME World Tour continued to make its way across the globe, this time stopping in China as SPORTIME Syosset hosted a Beijing-themed event last weekend.  

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“The programs and the World Tour events are definitely continuing to grow,” said Jared El Gayeh, the club’s U10 and Camp Director. “Last year, we had about 150 kids here, and we have more than 225 players here today, so the numbers speak for themselves.”


Throughout the evening, the courts were filled with players of varying ages and levels taking part in different games and drills with coaches, while parents looked on to see their development.

Away from the courts, the party hall featured decorations and food celebrating the Chinese and Beijing culture, as well as a DJ, bounce house and other games. All of this creates a well-rounded and wholesome experience for the program’s younger players.

“The World Tour brings together all of our U10 players from all of our facilities, and they get to come out here and compete with each other,” said Mike Kossoff, SPORTIME Syosset’s Tennis Director. “It’s an introduction for them to the competitive environment, and on top of that, it’s also a party-like atmosphere. We have music, a bounce house; we’re really providing something that no other tennis facility can.”


The Beijing event was the final World Tour event of 2019, but the traveling resumes as we enter the New Year. In honor of the Australian Open, a Melbourne-themed event will arrive on January 18, 2020.

“These events are for the kids and the parents, and the staff and the community, to come out and have a good time,” added Kossoff. “The parents get to see how well their kids are progressing, and how the sport continues to change their lives.”