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One-On-One Doubles Tournaments, the crosscourt serve and volley Singles game including the doubles alley, have joined the Universal Tennis platform for tournament events that count for players' (unverified) UTR rating. One-On-One Doubles tournaments require players to serve and volley on both serves or there is a loss of point; Half volleys are allowed. Returners can stay back or come in. Players receive a two point bonus for winning volleys and overheads -hit out of the air-that the opponent cannot touch.

Since joining the Universal Tennis platform in January of 2021, One-On-One Doubles Tournaments have been showcasing players' serve-and-volley and all court skills in the game's action packed, crosscourt competition.

"One of the best qualities of the unverified UTR Rating is the ability to implement new formats which allows players to gain an understanding of their current level. The One-On-One Doubles Tournament format lets people play against each other in modified match play that is fun and fast-paced and we are excited to be the official platform for One-on-One Doubles", stated Stephen Armitraj, UTR Chief Tennis Officer.

Ryler Deheart, who finished his ATP professional career in 2009 ranked 120th in doubles and 174th in singles, went from being unrated in early 2021 to having a 12.2 UTR after competing in seven different One-On-One Doubles tournaments. Deheart said:

"One-On-One Doubles is an exciting, innovative game that makes players go forward to hit all the game's shots in a fast paced competitive structure. The One-On-One Doubles tournaments create a great environment for players to keep on learning and improving and it creates an entertaining spin on Tennis. One-On-One Doubles makes the game of tennis electric!"

Ed Krass, Founder of One-on-One Doubles Tournaments who has coached college tennis at Harvard, Clemson and UCF, stated:

"The UTR platform is ideal for the growth of One-On-One Doubles Tournaments. I really like the way these One-On-One Doubles UTR events allow for the integration of men and women, juniors, college players, seniors, teaching professionals, professional players and former touring pros all in one draw. The UTR tournaments are beyond innovative!”

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