| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff


Born and raised in New York, Lisa Fuchs’ tennis journey would classify her as a late bloomer.

From an early age, she was involved with dance and fitness, and that would later evolve into spin, and she eventually opened up her own Spin Studio.

But after discovering tennis later in her life, Fuchs was hooked. She immediately fell in love with the sport, and as she says: “I now live and breathe tennis, tennis and tennis!”

Fuchs had spent her professional career working in sales with some of the top fashion companies in the world, and through these client relationships she formed, she developed a real sense of fashion and style. But even more important, was recognizing and appreciating the secret of these organizations was that they were able to make women feel as good as they looked. 

So with that in mind, she decided to combine her business acumen with her passion for tennis to launch her own tennis bag brand, and SassyLI was born. The first bags were purchased right here on Long Island by Advantage Tennis in Westbury, and have become popular ever since.

The Sassy Li Royal Blue Bag is a lightweight tennis bag that offers a good amount of space for players on the go. Featuring high-tech features and boasting a fresh perspective on style, this bag is built for durability and premium functionality. You can easily organize your belongings with the backpack, which has room for two racquets, a zipper pocket to store cell phones, two side pockets to keep water bottles or tennis balls, and changeable velcro straps among others. With ultra- padded adjustable straps and a cool modern look, you’ll be traveling comfortably as well as in style!

Built from the highest-quality materials, the Ultimate White bag is a modern solution for players seeking years of durability, all-day capacity, and keen pocket organization. The bag is well customized to store two tennis racquets or your laptop when not in use on the court. The additional storage compartment includes a zipper pocket to store cell phones, two side pockets to keep water bottles or tennis balls, and changeable Velcro straps among others.

The SASSY LI ULTIMATE WHITE BAG is made from 100% down quilted polyester that will persevere through years of training and tournament travel. The Key Features for both bags are, as well as all of SassyLI’s other bags:

►A sleek minimalist design offering incredible functionality.

►Crafted with premium zippers and 100% down quilted polyester for durability.

►Separate compartments to store essential items.

►Exterior pockets to hold water bottles or tennis balls easily.

►Nicely padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. Straps feature easy length adjustment buckles.

►Changeable velcro straps.

For more information and to see more bags, visit SassyLi.com, or contact lili@SassyLI.com or 888-808-3664.