| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
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Serve and Return, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has announced a new program designed to empower girls, called “Sky’s the Limit Tennis”.

“The goal of Sky’s the Limit Tennis is to empower 20 girls, ages 10 through 18, to become the leaders of tomorrow through tennis, performance excellence, health, fitness and life skills education,” said Steve Kaplan, Serve and Return’s Executive Director. “Young female tournament players will ascend in the sport, and in life, by integrating one hour of on-court with one hour of off-court education in a supportive and interactive environment which emphasizes teamwork, mentorship and inclusion.”

At the heart of the program will be providing education in vital yet often overlooked aspects of the female athletic experience such as specific fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, socialization, healthy lifestyle choices and career advancement and guidance.

The program, which will run for 20 non-consecutive weeks beginning in early November, will be directed by former WTA player and current coach Nikola Hubernova, and will include guest lectures by Dr. David D'Agate, Cardiologist, on nutrition for health and performance; Dr. Colleen Mitgang, Anesthesiologist and former junior and college player, on How to Create Positive Body Image; Frank Dolan Owner of Sports and Fitness Performance and Nike Elite Trainer, on how address the injury prevention and fitness needs of female athletes; Hannah Camhi, former top junior and college player and current Senior Analyst Partnership Transactional Planning at EY,  on how to shatter the glass ceiling by the creation of a powerful resume for college tennis and beyond; Howard Endelman, Head Coach at Columbia University on how to be a team player; Steve Kaplan, Owner of Bethpage Park Tennis and Executive Director of Serve and Return, on how to integrate on-court and classroom skills to perform better, and many more.

Participants of the program are eligible to receive community service credits for the hours they attend.

If interested, you can contact stevenjkaplan@aol.com for an application. Entries close on Thursday, October 31.