| By Salomon Levy


To be able to hit an efficient tennis shot, we should have a continuous and relaxed motion. The tennis serve is not an exception, but it’s a little different than the others, because the serve is the only one we have total control over it. On one side it can be an advantage, but on the other side, it can be a problem because we have a lot of time to think and that can result in what I call: “Paralysis by Analysis”.

Talking about it, I just remembered what a friend told me many years ago: “Salomon, the serve is the most difficult shot in tennis, because you have to coordinate 30 different movements. I know 27 of them already, and my problem is not the last three I need to learn. My problem is that within the 27, there are five or six invented by me.”

Our goal is to keep it as simple as possible and this is when using analogies can be an effective way to improve our technique.

Today we are talking about Serve Pronation: the motion we use to accelerate the head of the racquet just before the contact and doing it the proper way can make the difference between having a world class serve or an okay one.

When teaching Serve Pronation, my best advice over the years have been simple: WATCH THE TIME.

Try it, you’ll see results faster than you think.


Salomon Levy

Salomon is the Co-Director of Tennis at Christopher Morley Tennis in Roslyn. He is a passionate tennis coach that with his unique and creative way of coaching has been making a great impact in the lives of many of his players around the world for more than 25 years. He is a Sports Science Teacher and a Master in Tennis and High Performance Coaching from Wingate College in Israel. He is author of the book Salomon’s Tennis Wisdom. You can reach him at Zenmaster18@hotmail.com or by visiting www.Salomontennis.com.