| By Steve Annacone


Every player is different.

Many players would love the point to last one or two hits (if they win the point) and many would love to keep you on the court all day and try to get the point to last 10+ hits each time.

A good way to get things happening the way you would like is to pick a number of hits that you feel comfortable with and try to add one extra to that. If you would like the point to last three hits, try to hit four successful shots on the next point. It is best not to make the point too short or too long but it is important to adjust the number of hits to your style-shorter for aggressive players, longer for steady, consistent players.

Your number of optimum shots in a point can vary slightly from day to day and even during a given match.

Try to stay close to your original idea but be willing to add a shot or subtract a shot to adjust to the way you want to play in a specific match. 



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