| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of iStock


Everything keeps happening faster on the tennis court.

A player often feels that there just isn't enough time to do what they want to do. The speed that you hit your shot can make the opponent feel this. Also, hitting the ball away from them can have the same effect. Another idea is to hit the ball right at their feet if they are standing somewhere inside the baseline. Depth of shot, hitting your shot early or on the rise, using different spins, and changing the direction of the shot can all make the opponent feel like there is an "emergency" as they are preparing to hit their next shot. Try to use one of these ideas as often as possible when you are making a shot selection.

There may be certain ideas that come easier for a specific player. If this is the case, use that idea and stick with it. Making your opponent feel like they are in an emergency situation can result in a lot of unforced errors, indecision, and uncertainty about how they should counteract this situation.

All of these things usually lead to success on your side of the court.


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