| By Steve Annacone


One of the most difficult tasks a player faces on the court is executing their "regular" shots and "normal" swings regardless of the type of ball that is hit to them.

Using the swing that you have practiced and repeated over and over in previous matches will give you the best chance to hit a solid shot. A good player will do everything they can to try to get you away from what you usually do on the court. They might slice, lob, block, hit the ball deep, hit the ball fast, etc. to disrupt your game. Your goal should be to hit your regular shots with your normal swing as often as possible.

Using your feet and early preparation will be a big help in doing this successfully. Too often we tend to adjust our swing to deal with an awkward ball when a better position would have allowed for a more normal shot. If you watch the best players in the world, they are extremely adept at this and often they are the ones getting their opponent to make most of the difficult swing adjustments during the match.

Using your normal, regular shots whenever possible could be the key to your success against a very good player.


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