| By Steve Annacone
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There are many different opinions concerning strategy in a tennis match. Obviously, every match is different, every opponent is different, and every day that you play tennis is different. Keeping a simple idea as your "go to" strategy is what works best for most players. 

There are many different obstacles on the court while you are engaged in the heat of a match and simplicity is very helpful. Work on putting two, three, or even four shots together on as many of the points played as possible. Focus on the serve, return of serve, and two or three crosscourt groundstrokes to get the point started-then try to figure out how to win the point. Since most points (75% or even more) will be two hits for each player or less, it is extremely important to hit these first shots consistently and well. 

Do not try to "just get it in" or "hit winners" in the early stages of the point. Use these shots at the beginning of the point to set up opportunities as it progresses. Your practices should include a focus on the simple beginning of the point as described. This type of strategy will work against many different styles of players. 

Keep reminding yourself of the ideas above and be willing to make small adjustments to help keep your game on track.




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