| By Steve Annacone
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Every tennis player is different. Some have stronger forehands, while others prefer their backhand. Many like to run around and hit groundstrokes, and every once in a while you run into that aggressive net charger. Regardless of the type of player, there are a few basic ideas that will likely determine your level of success.

First, focus on the serve and return of serve-get the first serve in and the return of serve in play a high percentage of the time. Once you have accomplished that, start your groundstrokes crosscourt to get the opponent moving. As the point progresses, hit down the line or inside out to win the point. Keep in mind that many points will not even get to the stage where you have to change the direction of the shot.

Finally, think about trying to hit your shots from closer in as the point gets longer. Try to hit more groundstrokes from inside the baseline and move towards the net if you get the opponent in trouble. Improving your position can be the deciding factor in the match.

These strategies can be used by all players and will be effective against many different types of opponents. Stick with the plan! 


Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Pro, is the Director of Annacone Tennis, www.annaconetennis.com and MyHamptonsPro, www.myhamptonspro.com in East Hampton, NY . Steve is also a tennis professional at Ventana Golf and Country Club in Tucson, AZ. In addition, Steve and Miguel Coelho have introduced the JET (Junior Elite Tennis) program at the Tucson Jewish Community Center for high level players ages 8-18. Please contact Steve at info@annaconetennis.com