| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


It’s obviously very helpful to hit a lot of tennis balls if you are trying to become the best player you can be. However, there are times when this is not possible. 

Doing some things at home can add a lot to your skills on the court. First, make sure you have a good and simple stretching and fitness routine. My favorite for tennis is the 7 Minute Workout—just Google it and follow the easy instructions. Add some stretching for your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, back, shoulders, wrists and forearms; try to do this before and after tennis or working out.Practice your swings and movement in an open area like your driveway or garage. Try to picture in your mind what shot you are hitting and practice recovering and repeating after each swing. 

Reading tennis articles and books can also be a great resource. Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert and Coaching for Life by my brother, Paul Annacone, will both give you some great insight into what it takes to become a high-level player. 

There are many other options you can come up with to formulate your at home training. Sometimes your off-court activities can be the little extra ammunition you need to give you the necessary confidence to be successful in a long battle on the tennis court. 

Remember to add tennis training at home to your schedule and you will likely see the great benefits in your matches.




Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Pro, is the Director of Annacone Tennis, www.annaconetennis.com and MyHamptonsPro, www.myhamptonspro.com throughout the Hamptons, NY.  In addition, Steve and Miguel Coelho have introduced the JET (Junior Elite Tennis) program at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (Tucson, AZ) for high level players ages 8-18. Please contact Steve at info@annaconetennis.com