| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
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After strong backlash from players and fans alike, the US Open has announced it will host wheelchair events this summer.

A majority of players on tour voted to have the event, and it will be played from September 10-13.

The top-ranked player in the world, Australia’s Dylan Alcott, was very vocal about what he called “disgusting discrimination” when the USTA announced it would be hosting the 2020 US Open which didn’t include wheelchair tennis.

“Just got announced that the US Open will go ahead WITHOUT wheelchair tennis,” he wrote on Twitter. “Players weren’t consulted. I thought I did enough to qualify—2x champion, number 1 in the world. But unfortunately, I missed the only thing that mattered, being able to walk. Disgusting discrimination.”

The USTA announced on Wednesday that it would go ahead with the competition, saying that “the decision was made following multiple virtual meetings with a group of wheelchair athletes and the International Tennis Federation over the last week. The 2020 US Open Wheelchair Competition will feature Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles and Quad Singles and Doubles, with draw sizes similar to past US Opens.”