| By Salomon Levy


So many times we find ourselves trying to fix one of our tennis strokes. It seems so complicated to find the solution that is right in front of our eyes, but we can’t see it because we are looking at the wrong direction.

Some examples of this is footwork, the knees aren’t bent and so on. The solution can be very simple by just checking what our non-dominant hand is doing.

Although the proper use of the non-dominant hand is important for each of the segments of forehand movement, in this week’s analogy I want you to focus on using the non-dominant hand to help generate angular momentum (uncoil) before contact. To do so, imagine that you are under the water and need to clear the water to be able to hit the ball. That will help you create a great amount of upper body rotation enough for a winner forehand!


Salomon Levy

Salomon is the Co-Director of Tennis at Christopher Morley Tennis in Roslyn. He is a passionate tennis coach that with his unique and creative way of coaching has been making a great impact in the lives of many of his players around the world for more than 25 years. He is a Sports Science Teacher and a Master in Tennis and High Performance Coaching from Wingate College in Israel. He is author of the book Salomon’s Tennis Wisdom. You can reach him at Zenmaster18@hotmail.com or by visiting www.Salomontennis.com.