| By Salomon Levy


Continuing with our topic from last week about how important it is to have a consistent contact point, this week I will like to bring your attention to an essential element needed for a solid contact: having “a steady racquet” that moves as much as possible in the direction of the incoming ball before impact.

By doing this, it will increase our chances of having a clean and effective shot.

A common mistake we make is rushing to recover to the center of the court before finishing the shot execution.

To avoid this, I usually tell my players, “Remember that hitting a tennis ball is like eating in a fancy restaurant. You eat and enjoy your meal first, then you pay.”



Salomon Levy

Salomon is the Co-Director of Tennis at Christopher Morley Tennis in Roslyn. He is a passionate tennis coach that with his unique and creative way of coaching has been making a great impact in the lives of many of his players around the world for more than 25 years. He is a Sports Science Teacher and a Master in Tennis and High Performance Coaching from Wingate College in Israel. He is author of the book Salomon’s Tennis Wisdom. You can reach him at Zenmaster18@hotmail.com or by visiting www.Salomontennis.com.