| By Salomon Levy
Illustration provided by Salomon Levy


Every ball comes at you in different heights and angles. So, keep the picture frame between your hip and shoulder and get the ball into that frame for a consistent contact point.

Some facts to show you the quality of our game: In an hour-and-a-half long match, there are an average of 500 shots that are hit between both players. We know that the ball stays in the strings for 4 milliseconds each time at contact, so if we do the simple math:

500shots x 0.004ms = 2 seconds

We are doing all of this while running for two seconds of enjoyment. As you can see, tennis is a quality sport!

The contact point is the most important part of a tennis shot. It is so important that it will determine the direction of the ball we hit, as well as the consistency and the quality of our shots.

Steffi Graf, a winner of 22 Grand Slam titles and one of the legends in our sport, once said, “The thing I enjoy the most in life is the feeling of hitting a tennis ball so when my opponent misses I’ll get upset because it prevented me from the opportunity of hitting the ball one more time”.

Stop praying for your opponent to hit a double fault on game point, be positive and adjust your position to make the ball go through the picture frame and enjoy the feeling of solid new contact.


Salomon Levy

Salomon is the Co-Director of Tennis at Christopher Morley Tennis in Roslyn. He is a passionate tennis coach that with his unique and creative way of coaching has been making a great impact in the lives of many of his players around the world for more than 25 years. He is a Sports Science Teacher and a Master in Tennis and High Performance Coaching from Wingate College in Israel. He is author of the book Salomon’s Tennis Wisdom. You can reach him at Zenmaster18@hotmail.com or by visiting www.Salomontennis.com.