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Nassau County Boys High School Preview Syosset Looks to Maintain Its Dominance Syosset High Schools Boys Tennis and “winning” have become synonymous...Click here to read more
The goal of the New York Tennis Expo was to promote and grow the sport of tennis from all of its angles. That included the addition of a Tennis...Click here to read more

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The 2018 New York Tennis Expo attracted more than 3,700 attendees to NYCB LIVE home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum as we kicked off the...Click here to read more

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It is very difficult to make the tennis ball your main focus on the court. Often, players try to hit the ball to the openings on the court as well as...Read more
The tennis ball is traveling faster and faster in today's game. By reminding yourself to contact the ball at the peak of the bounce you will get to...Read more
Polyester string is all the rage on the pro tour. Most players use some type of poly or a hybrid of poly and synthetic gut or gut. The polyester...Read more

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