Giving you the home court advantage
  | By Ed Oliveau

When we hear the term “home court advantage,” we generally think of athletes who play before crowds of adoring fans that will cheer their great shots and urge them on past a challenging opponent.

But another type of “home court advantage” is fast becoming increasingly popular. Back yard home courts, batting cages and putting greens provide homeowners with the advantage of being able to get together with family and friends right outside their own back door. There, they play to their heart’s content, reaping all of the advantages of recreation, exercise and time well spent.

Whether built for a game of one-on-one one, a basketball hoop above the garage, as a back yard “Center Court,” or to replicate the 18th hole at Augusta, homeowners enjoy being able to play when they want to, without the cost of membership and time lost traveling to the park or a club.

But convenience is just one of the advantages of a home court. With sports teams being cut from school budgets, and recreation and recess activities being curtailed—often not even allowing kids to run—kids have fewer opportunities to enjoy playing and being healthy. So it’s more important than ever that they have “active options.”

If kids can come home to a court, they can play (after they do their homework of course) without needing a ride or playing in the street. Parents can then be comfortable knowing where their kids are and confident that they are making very positive use of their time.

Built to any size, layout and color, modular court surfaces provide a fully-customizable, low impact multi-game surface suitable for almost every sport—from tennis to basketball and from deck hockey to pickle ball. In addition, modular courts require zero maintenance, proving to be a very sound investment and valuable additions to homes.

Batting cages and putting greens are likewise built to match their owner’s desirability of play and appearance.

Every athlete can agree that having a “home court advantage” cannot be beat. Beautifully designed and durably built to virtually any size, appearance, location and landscape, Home Courts and other Sports Settings by Great Shot! Courts provide homeowners with the luxury and freedom of backyard fun, play and exercise.

Ed Oliveau

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