| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Donnay, the 100-year-old tennis brand, has announced the introduction of a new product line for the U.S. market called the X-series. Based on patented technology called “XeneCore”, nine models will be offered: X-Black 94, X-Black 99, X-Blue 94, X-Dark Red 94, X-Red 94, X-Red 99, X-Orange 99, X-Yellow 99, and X-White 99. Distribution in the U.S. will be handled by Donnay USA Ltd., based in New York.

“We are excited for the Donnay brand to have a renewed presence in the U.S.,” said Neil Morton, a spokesman for Donnay International. “These new racquets represent the technological leadership of Donnay. We are looking forward to the Donnay brand being played once again at the highest level and used by the world’s top players.”

The development of the new product line powered by “XeneCore” has been paired with a revolutionary custom fitting program to match the proper weapon for the player. Initial distribution will be limited to the exclusive Donnay Centers, online at the Donnay Web site, www.donnay.com, and through teaching pros. A custom fitting process will be available on the Web site, as well as a demonstration of the customization possibilities of each racquet.

“These racquets are geared towards established players that are looking for the maximum combination of power, control, and technology,” said Roman Prokes, owner of RPNY Tennis and technical advisor to Donnay USA. “These new racquets will revitalize the growth of Donnay on the global stage.”

The unique properties of XeneCore create a solid frame achieving the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry resulting in X-treme power, X-treme control, and X-treme feel. At 1.5 gigapascals, the XeneCore racquets possess 50 percent more tensile strength than current graphite racquets, allowing for the thinnest beam width on the market at 15mm. The X-treme torsional rigidity and stability advance the playing characteristics above and beyond what’s available with current graphite composite racquets providing the established player a lighter racquet for control and feel, possessing the power of a heavier model, while reducing shock and vibration. The X-series offers 12 models categorized into three tiers, so experience the innovative custom fitting program to find the weapon that’s right for you!

For more information, visit www.donnay.com.