| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff


Silent Partner Tennis, a division of Deuce Industries Ltd., was founded in 1989 by Dr. John Bassili. A recreational tennis player and psychology professor, Dr. John had a dream. He sought a reliable tennis partner. One that would play on his schedule and help improve his game. Meanwhile, John's son was progressing through the ranks as a junior. His son needed a partner that could amp up the pace, but was also consistent enough to groove his strokes. So John built a tennis ball machine.

Today, Silent Partner Tennis is a leading ball machine company in North America. It has served the U.S. from Buffalo, N.Y. for over 30 years. The company remains independent and family-owned.  

With advanced features catering to all levels, from beginner to pro, the machine’s portability allows players to put them in their cars and bring them to their local court. The machines are also great for clubs and coaches, who can position themselves right beside their students and control the machine by remote. The machines are especially useful for group lessons, as several lines of players can be fed at once. Some machines come with programmable sequence settings and even match simulation. 

Because Silent Partner only sells factory direct, it offers a wide selection of machines for the best deals on the market, and service is provided by the people who know the machines best.  

Check them out at SPTennis.com.