Open Tennis Court Rates
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Illustration provided by Sudipta Dasgupta


This article is the second part of Dr. Ferraro’s series, The Tennis Guru. Click Here to read the first part

Yin awoke early the next day and was excited to get going.  This was the big day, the day he would get to meet The Tennis Guru. He quickly brushed his teeth, put on his best tennis outfit and ran down stairs to eat a fast breakfast.  He was up so early that no one else in the house had risen. He chugged down a coffee with milk and sugar and grew restless, waiting for his older brother Yang to get up and come with him.  He went back upstairs to wake Yang and he saw that Yang was still sleeping like a baby. He pushed Yang on the shoulder to wake him and slowly Yang opened his sleepy eyes and said, “let me sleep another ten minutes.”

Yin went back to the kitchen, made Yang an extra strong cup of coffee and brought it back upstairs. At this point Yang had gotten up and looked at his younger brother with a combination of annoyance and worry. He said, “Boy, what’s the rush? Don’t you know this is going to be a long journey?” 

“Come on, come on” said Yin, “Let’s just get going. I want to get there as fast as I can.”

And with that, off they went along the familiar path that led to the mountain which would lead to the Tennis Guru’s Academy.  Yang knew that it would be a very long day and walked along at a steady pace. Yin, on the other hand, dashed ahead impatiently and soon left Yang far behind.   As Yin ran along, he looked back to see how far ahead he was and all of a sudden he tripped on something and went flying head over heels. When the dust settled, Yin looked up to see a tortoise starring right at him. Yin, in a state of embarrassment, looked back at the tortoise and shouted, “What do you think you’re looking at!?”

“Well young man, I’m looking at you. Are you okay?”

“Of course I am! And why were you crossing the street? Can’t you see I was in a hurry?”

“Well,” the tortoise replied. “If you must know, I was on my way to see my girlfriend Kristen.  Do you need any help getting up?”

“Of course not,” yelled Yin. “I don’t need any help at all. And besides, I am on my way to see the Tennis Guru to learn how to win.  He works at the top of that mountain over there.”

“Well haste makes waste. The way you’re rushing about I doubt that you’ll make it anywhere near to the top. Don’t you know there are many ledges and cliffs and steep passes on the way up? There is danger at every turn. One must be very careful.”

At this point, Yang had caught up with Yin and was as relaxed and happy as ever. He asked, “Hey what happened?”

The tortoise explained, “Well it looks like this young man was in such a hurry to get along that he tripped right over me as I was crossing this path on my way to see my girlfriend Kristen.”

“Yikes,” said Yang. “Hasn’t Mom always told you that ‘haste makes waste’ and haven’t I always said the race is not to the swift.”

With that, Yin turned to Yang and asked, “Do you know any short cuts to the top so we can get there faster?”

To this the tortoise said: “Young man, I see you have much to learn. Perhaps you would like me to accompany you on this perilous journey so that you have a better chance to get there in one piece.”

Yin turned to Yang and Yang said, “Why yes, that is kind of you. Why don’t you two go one from here? I’m sure you will do just fine together.”

Soon after, Yang turned and went home leaving. Yin and the tortoise were on their own.

Yin shrugged his shoulders, the friendly tortoise just smiled and off they went together on their way along the path to the mountain to see The Tennis Guru.


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