| By Steve Annacone
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A lot of tennis professionals are doing video tips on Facebook and other social media sites these days.

I recently saw several video tips from Tom Gullikson, who I know from my coaching days on the ATP Tour. Tom was a great player, winning the 1984 French Open Mixed Doubles title along with Manuela Maleeva, and also a very accomplished coach. He captained the United States Davis Cup team that won in 1995, and has coached Todd Martin, Jennifer Capriati, Andy Roddick and many others.

Tom's tip was focused on "how to play the game". One of the great aspects of this tip was his presentation of how to approach a point. First, use your eyes to assess your shot and the shot your opponent is about to hit. Judge the impact that your shot will have on your opponent by using your mind and then position yourself accordingly. Use your feet to react to the shot and position yourself according to things learned by using your mind. Finally, use your hands to execute the best possible stroke based on the things learned through your eyes, mind, and feet.

I have never heard this concept stated in this way, and it really helped me simplify some of the ideas that I have used to teach, coach and play tennis. Try going through this process on the court and use these cues to react quickly to what is going on.

Thanks so much for your insight, Tom!





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