| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Players who hit a two-handed backhand have to get in a more precise position than players with a one hander. This would seem to make it more difficult to execute but, in most cases, it actually helps the player use the correct footwork which can make this shot a weapon.

If your opponent hits the ball very wide to your backhand side, remind yourself to move to the ball as if you are going to hit your two handed backhand even if you may not be able to reach it. This will get you moving to the ball quickly and allow you to hit your regular shot most of the time. You can always let go with your non-dominant hand and hit a slice or a block if it just isn't possible to reach it with two hands on the racquet.

Thinking you are going to hit a slice or a one-hander in this situation tends to make you move slower and with not as much urgency. It is better to use the slice more often when it is a less difficult ball and use the two-hander on the run.

Watch Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal when they get in this situation and notice how well they move to the ball to hit the two-handed backhand. You may not be able to duplicate their movement but you can use their mentality to hit a more effective shot on the run.



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